Природные энергоносители и углеродные материалы & Natural energy sources and carbon materials
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Natural Gas Liquefaction
Kemalov R.A. 1, Bryzgalov N.I. 1, Kemalov A.F. 1

1. Kazan Federal university


Natural gas, cooled after purification from impurities to the condensation temperature (-161.5 °C), turns into a liquid called liquefied natural gas (LNG). The volume of gas during liquefaction is reduced by 600 times. In industry, both natural gas liquefaction processes are used to obtain liquefied natural gas as the final product, and liquefaction processes in combination with low-temperature fractionation of associated and natural gases, allowing to extract gas gasoline, butanes, propane and ethane from these gases, as well as to extract helium from helium-bearing natural and associated gases.

Keywords: Compressed gas, condensation, liquid, fractionation, gasoline, butanes, propane and Ethane

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