Природные энергоносители и углеродные материалы & Natural energy sources and carbon materials
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Study of the hydrocarbon composition of heavy pyrolysis resins by pulsed nuclear magnetic spectroscopy
Kemalov A.F. 1, Kemalov R.A. 1, Bryzgalov N.I. 1, Riffel D.V. 1

1. Kazan Federal University, Department of high-viscosity oils and natural bitumen


One of the directions of effective use of a multi-tonnage and at the same time scarce binder material like bitumen is the widespread introduction of bitumen emulsions in water into the practice of road and civil construction. The technology of preparation of emulsified bitumen, in comparison with traditional "hot" technologies and the introduction of petroleum solvents, has a number of significant advantages. First of all, it is an energy-saving technology that does not require heating components to high temperatures, which is directly related to reducing emissions into the atmosphere, both combustion products and solvent vapors. Bitumen emulsions (BE) can be used for their intended purpose with wet mineral material, at a reduced temperature, which reduces the dependence of work on weather conditions, thereby prolonging the construction season.

Keywords: Bitumen, emulsions, modification, heavy pyrolysis resins, complex structural units, hydrocarbon composition, physico-chemical properties

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