Природные энергоносители и углеродные материалы & Natural energy sources and carbon materials
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Collection and treatment of gas, gas condensate. Part 1
Kemalov R.A. 1, Alsuraifi Kh.S. 2

1. Kazan Federal University, Department of oil & gas technology and carbon materials. Russian Gas Society
2. Kazan Federal University, Department of oil & gas technology and carbon materials


The method of sequential pumping consists in the fact that hydrocarbon liquids of different quality are pumped through one pipeline in separate batches of certain volumes. With sequential pumping, maximum utilization of the pipeline capacity is achieved, and other modes of transport are exempt from parallel transportation of petroleum products. However, a mixture is formed at the point of contact of successively moving liquids. The initial data for calculating the oil product pipeline are data on the annual volume and properties of petroleum products intended for transport, the pumping range, permissible concentrations of petroleum products in each other, as well as the profile of the route. In the hydraulic calculation of oil product pipelines, the same rule is maintained as in the calculation of oil and gas pipelines: it is performed for the most unfavorable conditions.

Keywords: composition of gas, problems of the gas industry in Iraq, natural gas reserves in Iraq, natural gas production in Iraq, properties of gas in the south and north of Iraq, collection and treatment of gas, gas condensate, Siba field

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