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Emulsion drilling fluid based on anionic surfactant
Kadyrov A.A. 1, Kadyrov N.A. 1, Eshmukhamedov M.A. 2, Ismoilov R.I. 2

1. Mirzo Ulugbek National University of Uzbekistan
2. Tashkent State Technical University


The article presents the results of research on the synthesis of surfactants (surfactants) based on wastes of oil and fat and chemical enterprises and on the study of their properties on clay solutions stabilized with acrylic polyelectrolytes and starch reagent. The synthesis of anionic surfactants was carried out on the basis of secondary products of fat-and-oil and chemical production, the optimal conditions for their production were selected: the ratio of components, temperature, concentration, time, the procedure for entering the components into the reaction. The study of the physicochemical properties of anionic surfactant based on the distillate residue of distilled fatty acids (FFA) obtained with the addition of lignin, in dry powder form. It has been established that the combined treatment of clay solutions with surfactants and acrylic polymers achieves a synergistic effect in obtaining a highly stable emulsion drilling mud.

Keywords: physical and chemical properties, emulsion, anionic surfactant, drilling mud, acrylic polyelectrolyte

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