Природные энергоносители и углеродные материалы & Natural energy sources and carbon materials
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Study of the Kovyktinskoye gas condensate field
Kemalov R.A. 1, Gazizova G.I. 1

1. Kazan Federal University. Department of oil & gas technology and carbon materials


The Kovykta gas condensate field was chosen as the object of research. The Kovykta gas condensate field is the largest in the East of Russia in terms of gas reserves. It is the base for the formation of the Irkutsk gas production Center and the resource base for the Power of Siberia gas pipeline along with the Chayandinsky field in Yakutia. In terms of the size of the deposits, it belongs to the number of unique ones, in terms of the phase ratio — to gas condensate. The depth of occurrence ranges from 2838 to 3388 meters. The volume of natural resources is estimated at 2.5 trillion cubic meters of gas (1.9 trillion recoverable) and about 107 million tons of gas condensate, of which 81.3 million are available for extraction. Kovykta gas has an extraordinary structure and contains methane, propane, butane and helium in its composition. The reserves of the latter are estimated at 2.3 billion cubic meters. There are also zones of highly mineralized water and high reservoir pressure in the section.

Keywords: Kovykta gas condensate field, gas condensate field, geological characteristics, gas, gas pipeline, butane, dew point, hydrates, productive formations, deep shelves, reservoir pressure

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