Природные энергоносители и углеродные материалы & Natural energy sources and carbon materials
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Assessment of inhibitive property of element sulfur as a filler of polymer materials with a view to reduce technogenic impact on ecology
Kemalov R.A. 1

1. Kazan Federal University, Department of high-viscosity oils and natural bitumen, Russian Gas Society


According to modern representations bitumen polymer compositions are disper-sions of polymers with bitumens. The important stage of creation of durable insu-lating materials is their inhibition in consequence of oxidation processes in condi-tions of their application. In this connection the most acceptable substance is sul-fur-containing compounds, which effectively perform this role. Currently sulfur production is sharply marked from the number of other extractive industries that from the ecological point of view the most important problem is not achievement of sustained development condition by the sulfur production, but solution of problems of safe storage or even disposal of extracted sulfur. As against other extractive in-dustries, which main efforts are focused on the search of more effective methods of production of required component against its decreasing world reserves, leading companies in sulfur industries worried first of all by the search of new ways for safe management by extracted by them resource.

Keywords: oil dispersed systems, film-forming substances, petrochemistry, thermoplastic resins, Sulfur, pigments, physical-mechanical, insulating properties of coatings

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