Природные энергоносители и углеродные материалы & Natural energy sources and carbon materials
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Structure-dynamical investigations of heavy oil residues of different chemical nature
Kemalov A.F. 1, Kemalov R.A. 2

1. Kazan Federal University, Department of high-viscosity oils and natural bitumen
2. Kazan Federal University, Department of high-viscosity oils and natural bitumen, Russian Gas Society


Therefore, based on the results of the analysis of structural-dynamical characteristics of the initial HPR, it shall be noted, that the flux oil-1 is the most appropriate raw material for the special bitumen obtaining. It is proved by both NMR-relaxometry data and physical-chemical properties of BIM, obtained on its basis special bitumens. However, based on naphthene-aromatic base of the flux oil-1, characterized by low branching degree of end groups of short-chain aliphatic substitutes, it can be assumed, that its chemical modifying in the process of mutual oxidation with the additives will not initiate, in the required degree, the reactions of oxidative polymerization, which, as known, are the most favorable in obtaining the high-strength coverings.

Keywords: infrared spectrometry, NMR-relaxometry, complex structural units, oxidative polymerization, physical-chemical modification, paraffin-asphaltene associates, Heavy petroleum residues

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