Природные энергоносители и углеродные материалы & Natural energy sources and carbon materials
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The effectiveness of methods for preventing hydrate formation at gas distribution stations
Gimaeva A.R. 1, Aychanova A.R. 2

1. Kazan Federal University, Department of high-viscosity oils and natural bitumen
2. Ufa state petroleum technical university


Gas distribution stations of main pipelines are classified as one of the main nodes of gas supply systems, which are a complex set of technical equipment. GDS are classified as high-risk facilities, as a result of which the issues of their safe and reliable operation are of particular relevance. One of the serious technological complications that arise in gas pipelines when transporting natural gas is the formation of gas hydrates. To solve this problem, studies were carried out in the work aimed at using the technology for reducing gas pressure at the GDS with the possibility of organizing the gas heating process due to the energy potential of compressed gas using a pressure regulator with a heat generator RDU-T, which is designed specifically to prevent hydrate formation.

Keywords: hydrate formation, gas distribution station, gas pressure regulator, economic efficiency, resource saving

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