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Karlinskaya structure from the point of view of magnetic prospecting
Valieva E.A. 1

1. Department of high-viscosity oils and natural bitumen


The method of magnetic survey is considered in detail; the method of its application in the study of impact structures is considered; the method of work; the method of processing and interpretation of the obtained materials is described. The object of the study is the Karlin structure in the Southwestern part of Tatarstan. The purpose of the work is to study the informativeness and features of the method of magnetometric survey, in order to clarify the genesis on the example of the survey of the territory of the Karlin structure. In the process of work, processing and interpretation of the data obtained during magnetometric survey was carried out. As a result of the study, the magnetic field of the Karlin structure was studied, graphs of local anomalies were obtained, parameters of anomaly-forming objects were determined.

Keywords: Magnetic exploration, astroblems, magnetic survey, Volga-Vyatka craton, interpretation of magnetic data, Karlin structure.

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